25+ Best webinar Software Platforms For You in 2020

Webinars are often an excellent thanks to generate interest in your product or service. they will even be used for training, group meetings, and merchandise launches. But finding the proper webinar software are often a challenge.
With the proper webinar tools, you'll engage your audience and make a meaningful reference to webinar participants. So, it is vital to settle on carefully.
Best webinar Software Platforms

In this article, I provide an summary of over 25+ of the simplest online webinar software available. I'll also discuss some features you'll wish to seem for in your choice of webinar software. You'll also learn a touch about what makes an excellent webinar and I'll direct you to additional resources to assist you learn even more about webinars.

Whether you are a business, a corporation , a start-up, or an individual—you want to seek out the proper webinar software for your needs. However, webinar needs vary counting on why you're planning a webinar. during this section I list a number of the common features that companies et al. search for when selecting webinar software. Your own needs may vary.

    Here are some features and capabilities that you simply might want in your webinar tool:

    1. Security. counting on the aim of your webinar tool, you'll want to limit access to your webinar. you'll also wish to stay the list of attendees private also as their contact information. If you charge for your webinar, you'll be wanting to stay attendee payment information secure.
    2. Number of attendees. Many webinar platforms determine the pricing partially supported the amount of webinar attendees. This is sensible since more attendees require more resources. you'll be wanting to settle on a webinar platform which will accommodate both the planned number of attendees and your budget.
    3. Audience engagement. The difference between an excellent webinar and an uneventful webinar is usually the degree of audience engagement. Good webinar software includes tools to assist you interact together with your audience like the power to use chat, polls and questionnaires, and Q&A sessions during your webinar.
    4. Screen sharing. the power to point out your attendees what's on your screen are often important for training webinars. The feature is additionally helpful if you're using your webinar to plug software or online tools. Consider carefully whether you would like this feature in your webinar software tool.
    5. Record. Many webinar hosts want the power to record the webinar. this will be helpful if you would like to review the webinar. you'll also wish to reshare the webinar recording on your website or online. Some webinar tools automatically record webinars.
    6. Analytics. the power to live and track data associated with your webinar are often useful. But take care when selecting a webinar platform that gives this feature. confirm that the analytics offered measure what you would like them to live .
    7. Technical Support. When selecting any online or software tool it is vital to think about the supply of technical support. Technical support are often helpful if something goes wrong or if you only have an issue as you're setting your webinar up.
    8. These are just a few of the features you'll want to think about once you do a webinar software comparison. Now that we've discussed what to seem for during a webinar tool, let's take a glance at what makes an excellent webinar.

    What Makes an excellent Webinar?

    If you're planning a webinar, you would like to form sure that your webinar is successful. In fact, you would like your webinar to be great.

    Here are four belongings you got to do to make an excellent webinar experience:
    1. Focus on your audience: First of all, confirm you understand who you're trying to speak with in your webinar. determine what they already know and what they have to understand and offer it to them in an enticing fashion.
    2. Deliver top-notch content: confirm your webinar offers current information that's useful and relevant for your audience. Do the research necessary to supply them with information they will actually use.
    3. Plan and practice: If your webinar goes to be live, plan it for a time once you know that the majority of your intended audience are going to be available. Once you've found out a time and created your live webinar content, make certain to practice browsing it.
    4. Promote: Now that you've got got a webinar planned, you would like to market it. send registration invites through email, social media, and other tools. it is also helpful to send reminders slightly before the webinar to those who're registered to attend.

    WHAT IS the simplest WEBINAR SOFTWARE?

    The best webinar software makes it easy to record, share, and follow up together with your prospects with none difficulties or downtime.

    An excellent webinar tool for little business should assist you deliver live high-quality video. this will assist you automate your sales process and have interaction together with your MQLs with live training, product demos, and more.

    Most video conferencing tools also comes with features like built-in surveys, polls, email marketing software, live-chat features, automated webinar sequences, live-streaming, and more.

    These automated webinar sequences are excellent for hosting evergreen content like online courses, podcast interviews, or employee onboarding videos.

    Here are my picks for best webinar software in 2020.


    WebinarJam is that the best webinar software currently available. If you've got little to no technical knowledge regarding the way to found out a webinar, then this easy-to-use webinar platform has you covered. It’s perfect if you would like to host webinars in an automatic fashion to an outsized audience.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    Moreover, it allows you to stream on to a YouTube page, and have a secure, password-protected meeting together with your audience online.

    It also offers some distinct advantages over other tools, such as:

    • Providing pop-ups to your audience during the webinar session itself, which allows them to shop for your product or service right from the webinar
    • Its Offering excellent 2-way communication via advanced Live Chat which pulls a video of the participant for 1:1 video communication
    WebinarJam employs a singular and distinct Broadcast Distribution Technology which creates a universal signal. Besides, it uses all the newest technology, like RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, and Flash, which makes it compatible with most web browsers and devices.

    You also get other impressive features, like HD video, customer-facing interfaces, user-friendly dashboards, and therefore the option of multiple presenters.

    Every recording is automatically recorded in order that the replay are often sent to your audience. Additionally, the tools is extremely easy to use and that they have training videos to assist every step of the way.


    • Automatic recording, Social media integrations, Built-in autoresponder, Has the ability to handle multiple attendants easily, Compatibility with various browsers and operating systems, Offers great customer support, Allows you to incorporate polls and surveys with your webinar, Extremely easy to use, with user-friendly dashboards and interfaces, Quick set up process; it takes about 60 seconds to get up and running.
    • Basic Plan: $499/year ($41.58/month). This plan gives you up to 500 participants per webinar, up to three presenters, and 24/7 support.
    • Professional Plan: $699/year ($58.25/month). With the professional plan, participants increase to 1,000 and speakers go up to 4.
    • Premium Plan: $999/year ($83.25/month). This plan is for businesses that rely heavily on webinars for his or her online marketing. It features up to six speakers and a webinar audience of up to five ,000.

    2. DEMIO

    Demio is additionally one among the simplest video conferencing tools on the market. It’s super easy to record your webinar automatically within the cloud. When it involves visual aesthetics, it delivers real-time, HD streaming, and great looking platform design.

    All the pricing plans offer standard features including advanced webinar setup, 24/7 Chat & Email Support, unlimited webinars, storage for 100 recordings, robust analytics, then forth.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • It offers a value-based customer experience, by automatically recording sessions in the cloud for use at a later time. These can be accessed and downloaded at any time by the user, Allows extensive customization options to the user, Offers in-built analytics, Can be easily integrated with any marketing tool, Offers powerful tracking options, Provides extensive automation.
    • Demio provides a 14-day free trial, which allows you to check out all its features. The Starter plan starts at $34 per month for a 50-person webinar room, $69 for a 150-person room, and $163 per month for a 500-person room. These monthly rates are valid on annual subscriptions.


    WebinarNinja may be a powerful, all-in-one solution trusted by major brands like AppSumo, Podia, Printful, and more. they're referred to as one among the simplest tools to use, with out-of-the-box many thanks and sign-up pages, allowing you to make a webinar in under a moment .
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Lightning-fast live chat, Instant screen sharing, Run multiple polls before, during, and after the webinar, Timed offers to display at any time during your webinar, Email automation and drip campaigns, High-converting, custom registration landing pages, Analytics dashboard with the ability to export data, Integrations with 1,000+ apps with Zapier
    • Live – broadcasted with a live host for audience interaction, Automated – recorded webinars that run at certain times or on-demand, Series – a group of several webinars, Hybrid – a combination of live and recorded videos
    • WebinarNinja comes with a 14-day free trial to check out its features. Its Starter Plan is $39/month and works well for users will limited requirements which need only 100 webinar viewers.
    • Next, their hottest Pro Plan is $79/month and adds another 200 attendees and therefore the ability to make a webinar series. They even have a Plus Plan at $129/month and Power Plan at $199/month. These higher-tier plans allow hybrid webinars (a series of live and recorded webinars) and more live viewers directly .

    4. WEBEX

    A Cisco product, Webex lives up to the expectations that come from having such an acclaimed parent company.

    It provides some impressive features, like a number room along side HD video and audio services which will be accessed on multiple devices. It allows its users a high degree of customization in order that the host environment are often tailor-made to suit the business requirements.

    Through Webex webinars, you'll hold meetings throughout your organization, offer online and offline training sessions, and supply remote support. The key USPs of Webex include mobility, user-friendliness, and compatibility with all devices and browsers.

    It is a cloud-based platform, so along side superior speed, there's a guarantee of knowledge security also .
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Cloud-based platform, Allows you to host up to 40,000 attendees, In-built Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys to facilitate audience engagement, Provides a mobile app, Helps in collaboration and teamwork, The excellent HD video and audio quality, Integrates with popular marketing tools like Salesforce
    • The Basic plan costs $13.5 per month for up to 50 participants if billed annually. the worth climbs up as you progress on to a higher-tier plan.
    • CONS: More fitted to in-house team collaboration than webinars


    ClickMeeting is one among the foremost popular webinar software platforms during this list, with a powerful and user-friendly interface.

    ClickMeeting makes it easier for you to succeed in bent your customers for training, product sales and marketing, and other aspects. beat all, it's a well-integrated, intuitive platform that gives options for automated webinars and customised invites.

    Best fitted to small and medium-sized businesses, ClickMeeting provides clear instructions to line up the event effortlessly, without fear over any technical stuff. It also offers analytical insights regarding the past webinars and therefore the audience of the upcoming webinar.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Offers polls and surveys for feedback, Chat options and interactive sessions, Can be connected to Facebook and YouTube to enhance engagement, You can record the entire audio and video of the live sessions, which are then stored in clouds, and can be downloaded easily, Multiple presenters can present with HD video
    • ClickMeeting’s rates start at $25 per month (billed annually) for 25 attendees or $35 (billed annually) per month for up to 50 viewers. There’s also an option for custom-pricing that’s best fitted to enterprise customers.
    • CONS: For smooth and seamless video, accessibility to high-bandwidth internet is necessary; the performance mitigates if a quick connection is unavailable, Grievance redressal may be a problem on weekends, and typically requires 1-2 business days, Pricing plans offer slightly low audience limit


    The next webinar software on my list is GoToWebinar. With GoToWebinar, you don’t need to worry about the clutter and confusion that comes with organizing your webinar and may just specialise in reaching more people and growing your business.

    All that you simply do is choose the date you would like to host your webinar, and it takes care of mostly everything else.

    It also exposes you to a spread of features to enhance your webinar experience, starting from flexible scheduling to the whole event management process. you furthermore may have access to many in-built webinar templates that provide the last word business environment.

    Moreover, with impressive features like automated email reminders, customizable webinar invitations, and a highly converting registration page, you'll now promote your upcoming event and drive massive traffic. Other features include in-built polls and surveys, automatic webinar recordings, and more.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Pre-recorded events, Robust analytics, HD video quality, 24/7 customer support, Integrations with GoToMeeting, In-built polls and surveys to engage your audience, Automatic recording, which can then be shared online, Seamless integration with tools such as Zapier, Salesforce, Unbounce, etc., Source tracking to discover which channel resulted in maximum webinar signups
    • The Starter plan costs $89 per month for 100 participants, $199 per month for 500 participants, and $429 per month for 1,000 people, all for annual subscriptions. you'll also start a free trial with up to 100 people; no mastercard required.
    • CONS: Outdated software, The Starter plan limits the attendance count to 100, Comes with a hefty price, even rock bottom tier plan costs around $900/year


    Livestorm may be a strong tool built for efficiency and powerful video communications. It can easily be accessed from any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Their software also works on any browser with none restrictions on the dimensions of your webinar.
    Best webinar Software Platforms

    With their tool, you'll run either live, on-demand, or automated webinars. Webinars are great for live events like product demos, customer training, and other technical sales topics. Their on-demand and automatic webinars work best for online courses, employee onboarding, and video podcast interviews.

    An area where it stands out is that the email logistics where you'll send promotional emails, automate those emails, check email status, and add slightly of personalization. This webinar tool also takes your data security very seriously and is 100% GDPR-compliant.

    Livestorm is additionally focused on customer engagement with activities like polling, Q&A sessions, and therefore the use of up-votes.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Provides access to highly adaptable webinar themes with a simple set-up process
    • Offers interactive chats with polls, questions, chat, and more for better customer experience
    • Great for product demos and 1:1 meetings to qualify leads and improve your sales process
    • Integrate and analyze webinars and video meetings
    • Provides a high level of automation with webinar sequences
    • Offers comprehensive, multi-language customer support
    • Comes with features sort of a one-click invitation, screen-sharing, the power to embed registration forms, and more
    • Offers a freemium plan with essential features
    • Provides detailed attendance analytics, replay analytics, source tracking, and participation report
    • Unlimited recording storage
    • Allows you to export your data as CSV or XLS
    • Enables you to use Zapier and integrate with quite 1,000 apps
    • Display in-webinar CTAs to influence viewers to act


    • Webinar & Meet Basic: the primary plan may be a freemium plan and comes with essential features like unlimited on-demand webinars, meetings, etc.
    • Meet Premium: The ‘Meet Premium’ plan costs $31/host per month and allows up to eight participants.
    • Webinar Premium: The ‘Webinar Premium’ plan costs $99/host per month and features a 4-hour limit per webinar.
    • Enterprise: There’s also the ‘Enterprise’ plan. It offers features like managing multiple workspaces with unified billing, premium training, and SLA availability. Here, you get a customized quote supported your requirements.


    GetResponse is primarily an email marketing platform that gives a good array of selling solutions, including an entire webinar marketing solution. It allows you to line up your webinar within three minutes, sometimes even less. Other marketing tools include autoresponders, automated email marketing, Landing pages, list segmentation, and more.

    Availability of email list and webinar solution under one roof comes in handy because it allows you to follow-up messages directly after the webinar. Moreover, you'll also send reminders and thank-you messages to the registrants.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Allows you to customize your webinar URL, Pre-existing webinar invitations and reminder templates with pre-filled webinar details, One-click webinar recording, Text chat feature to drive engagement, One-click sharing options, Allows you to set up autoresponders, Tracks conversion stats and provides detailed audience statistics
    • GetResponse features a free 30-day trial and a Basic plan that doesn’t include webinar features. Their Plus plan is that the first one that gives webinar solutions and starts at $49 per month for up to 100 attendees.
    • The Professional plan is $99 per month for up to 300 people and therefore the Enterprise package is $1,199 for up to 500 people. However, it also includes email campaign consulting and a fanatical account manager.
    • CONS: Free-trial provides space for up to 1,000 contacts only, Customer support doesn’t include phone support, The pricing structure is somewhat complicated. The prices increase exponentially along with your list size


    BigMarker is understood because the #1 video platform for webinars, summits, and virtual conferences.

    Their live streaming capabilities are where they really excel. you'll engage up to 10,000 people directly and make an interactive experience with features like polls, handouts, and live Q and As.

    There also are no limits on the amount of presenters within the webinar – literally anyone can hop in and join the discussion on screen.

    To host these live events, you’re given a set of selling tools, including custom email invites, registration landing pages, and helpful reminders.

    With their automated webinars, you'll integrate BigMarker together with your CRM software to qualify prospect and generate, nurture, and convert your leads.
    Best webinar Software Platforms

    With BigMarker, you furthermore may get extensive third-party integrations with apps like MailChimp, Calendly, Marketo, and more. And integrations with payment providers like Stripe make it easy for you to manage transactions.

    Since it’s a browser-based platform, you don’t got to download or install anything to urge into a webinar. On top of that, it’s compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

    Another area they excel in is their white-label offerings. you'll build custom video experiences and embed them right your website with no coding required. These landing pages, webinars, and emails all survive your own domain in order that you own the customer experience.


    • Offers unique live streaming features like one-click meetings, Q&A sessions, chats, polls, handouts, etc.
    • Comes with extensive native integrations with apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier
    • Provides a 7-day free test period , HD video and screen sharing
    • You can stream multiple cameras feeds to Facebook & YouTube Live
    • Build custom live video experiences for online events, Offers white-labeled seminar rooms and landing pages
    • Provides over 15 different landing page types, Deals in 135+ currencies
    • Comes with industry-standard SSL and HTTPS encryption for data protection


    • The first three plans cost $79, $159, and $299 per month respectively. The White Label plan is an enterprise-level plan, where you get a customized quote supported your requirements.
    • The first three plans allow sequentially 100 attendees and one host license, 500 and two host licenses and 1,000 and 4 host licenses.
    • Every plan comes with features like in-depth analytical tools, pop-up offers, email templates, contact & list management, embeddable webinars, custom URL, and more.
    • If you’re trying to find a webinar tool to run live events, workshops, town halls, and keynote presentations, BigMarker may be a great choice due to their interactive video features and seamless performance.


    One of the foremost acclaimed names during this list, Google Hangouts may be a completely free solution that easily integrates with the Chrome Browser and Gmail. you'll either host a webinar for up to 30 prospects, or stream it on YouTube to ask a bigger audience base.

    Hangouts may be a solid tool because it that it caters to each business size, whether alittle or medium-sized business or large corporation. It also allows several people to talk and share their screen during the webinar, and record the meetings.

    Since it’s free, there are some main downsides compared to other tools on this list. for instance , while it’s good for quick 1:1 meetings, you don’t get any automation or marketing features.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Allows up to 30 people in the chat, Several speakers can speak during the webinar, Completely free of cost.
    • The recording is done automatically and uploaded on your YouTube channel right away, It can create a webinar in 10 seconds, Integrates with YouTube and Chrome, No additional software download needed.
    • Free, but limited for those looking to optimize their sales funnel.
    • CONS 1: A Google account may be a necessary prerequisite.
    • CONS 2: Unlike other tools on this list, Google Hangouts doesn't offer the other additional marketing features, like analytics, paid events, email marketing, etc.


    Touted because the “most powerful automated webinar platform,” EverWebinar is one among the foremost popular tools on this list. it's built with direct integration to WebinarJam, although the parent company sells them separately or during a bundle.

    Some of its features include fully automated customer-activity based email connections, the power to stay users within the loop, and complete found out under three minutes for WebinarJam users. Also, it records the webinars automatically in order that the user can replay them for potential leads.

    EverWebinar is best suited to small and medium businesses looking to get leads and boost their sales using Webinars.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • One-click platform swap between WebinarJam and EverWebinar, Performance stats in real-time, Convert past live events into evergreen events, Allows you to fake your audience count.
    • Just-in-time webinars that start right away upon registration, An advanced scheduling system that helps block out unavailable dates, Time-zone auto-detection for the ease of users all over the globe, Unlimited free hosting via reliable, cloud-based servers
    • It costs $41 per month (billed annually), which may be a bit on the upper side. However, the features it provides along side the partnership with WebinarJam makes it worthwhile.

    12. ZOOM

    Zoom is one among the simplest webinar software platforms available within the market today. it's intuitive, entirely cloud-based, and features a user-friendly interface that creates things simpler for its users.

    It performs a good array of activities that make it an asset to any company. Zoom offers HD video and audio, screen sharing, desktop, and app sharing options.

    Moreover, it allows you to host the scheduled and unscheduled meeting, and keeps a backup of each session within the cloud for ready and instant access at a later time.

    The best part is that it allows private and public chats in order that the audience doesn't necessarily need to interrupt the speaker while he or she is making some extent .

    It also integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, which allows its users to schedule meetings and send emails, seamlessly. Zoom may be a one-stop-shop for everything when it involves hosting a webinar event.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Exquisite HD video and audio, along side screens sharing facility, Backup of each meeting within the cloud
    • Desktop and app sharing options.
    • Provides free access to up to 100 participants and 40 mins limit on group meetings, User-friendly and simply navigable dashboard, Efficient host controls and virtual whiteboards, There are not any one-time fees and it’s liberal to check in .
    • It is one among the few webinar software platforms that provide a freemium package. The free plan offers 40 minutes on the webinar and allows up to 100 participants. the essential paid plan offers every feature along side 1 GB of cloud recording and costs $14.99 per month.
    • The Business package, ideal for little and medium-sized businesses, is $19.99 per month. The Enterprise package, which is best fitted to large enterprises, costs $19.99 per month.


    EasyWebinar is that the only online software platform that has successfully and seamlessly managed to integrate webinar technology with marketing strategy.

    Moreover, it provides an all-in-one solution for both live and automatic webinars. The webinar software offers plenty of other features, including a multi-presenter option, integration with popular email marketing software, shopping carts, and lead generation tools.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Screen-sharing options, HD video, and interactive live chat, Unlimited live viewers using YouTube Live Integration, Allows up to 100 attendees even within the basic plan.
    • Robust chat features and a mobile app available, In-built analytics suite, WordPress integration, It allows integration with popular tools like MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.
    • The Standard pack costs $59 per month, which is billed annually at $708; the professional plan is $90 per month, and therefore the Enterprise plan is $349 per month. If you've got over 10,000 attendees, then you'll get in-tuned with them for quote-based pricing.


    If affordability is your main concern, then WebinarsOnAir is that the perfect platform for you. On top of that, it comes with all the superb features required to host a superb webinar.

    It’s also exceedingly user-friendly, for the host also because the viewers. Offered by G Suite, it allows you to line up your own room. Moreover, it exposes you to a spread of exciting features, including recurring webinar options, polls, and surveys built into the webinar itself, Q and A, then forth.

    It is entirely hosted within the cloud, thus offering extensive scalability power. With WebinarsOnAir, you'll also keep track of your audience count, conversion rate, and other vital metrics.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • You can schedule a webinar for up to 50,000 attendees in but a moment , Cloud-based hosting, Allows 10 moderators/speakers directly .
    • Live Q&A sessions along side live-chats, One-click webinar registration, Offers in-built opt-in forms.
    • 30-day free trial. The plan for 25 viewers costs $19.97 per month. For unlimited participants, the plan costs $99 per month.


    Livestream is a superb webinar software platform. However, it primarily caters to big businesses and academic institutes. it's best fitted to organizations that have already engaged and built a relationship with their audience .

    There’s no maximum limit to the amount of attendees; a vast number of participants can view your webinar.

    One of the simplest parts about Livestream is that it offers unlimited storage and automatically records and stores all of your webinar events within the cloud. Other prominent features include limitless streaming analytics, the power to stream to Facebook Live or YouTube, live Q&A and polls, audience chat, lead generation tools, then forth.

    You also get dedicated phone support for your webinar events and may even privatize your event’s access.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Unlimited storage and unlimited viewers, Private link sharing, Extensive in-built analytics, Impressive customer support Allows you to privatize your events, Stream to Facebook Live or YouTube, You can embed the webinar into your website.
    • It costs $75 per month if billed annually. Livestream also offers a quote-based Enterprise package that gives additional features like , dedicated account manager, auto-archiving, pay-per-view option, and more.

    16.  DACAST

    DaCast is another great webinar software platform during this list that helps you found out your online video conferencing environment within minutes. It offers impressive broadcasting features to assist you manage, monetize, and analyze your online video.

    Along with secure video hosting, you get 24/7 customer support that comes in handy if you grind to a halt within the process.

    Popular features include the mixing of live video with APIs and video streaming over social media platforms like Facebook. With these features, you'll shoot live webinars then offer your on-demand webinars at a later date.

    Simply put, it's a fast and easy-to-use platform which will be used even by novice marketers.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • An interactive video on demand (VOD) solutions, No viewer limits, Allows FTP access, Real-time analytics, Easy to set up, Live streaming on social media platforms, User-friendly web conferencing interface.
    • The paid plans start at $19 per month (billed annually) for up to 300 viewers per hour and range up to $289 per month (billed annually) for up to fifteen ,000 viewers per hour. there's one quote-based custom plan also that permits you to cherry-pick the features you need .


    A frontrunner in innovation and technology, Adobe started a webinar platforms with Adobe Connect Webinars.

    Apart from creating webinars, it allows you to host videos, share documents, and host meetings for increased interaction with customers. Moreover, it'll enable you to customize your hosting room and optimize it as per your requirement. Adobe Connect helps marketing companies and firms showcase their products and services in an impactful thanks to their audience .

    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Provides a spread of templates to customize your environment as per your requirement, Helps you create unique registration pages.
    • Ability to influence and reach bent audience with videos, blogs, surveys, and polls.
    • Offers robust analytics for better insights, Integrates easily with CRM software like Eloqua and Salesforce.
    • Provides a selection of templates to customize your environment as per your requirement, Helps you create unique registration pages.
    • Ability to influence and reach bent audience with videos, blogs, surveys, and polls.
    • Offers robust analytics for better insights, Integrates easily with CRM software like Eloqua and Salesforce.

    18. JetWebinar

    What’s particularly impressive about their platform is how it handles scale – they claim to possess but 300ms lag for events with over 10,000 attendees!

    Having hosted webinars within the past with 50-100 attendees that have a 5-10 second delay, I can attest that this alone earns JetWebinar a neighborhood above more traditional platforms (that are stuck on old technology).

    If I’m honest, JetWebinar isn’t the simplest looking platform, and while it does have most of the key features (like automated webinars, on demand replays, and landing pages), it’s almost as polished as Demio.

    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Just-In-Time Webinars: Tells users there’s a webinar almost to start out , encouraging them to check in on the spot.
    • Block night-time viewing: Stops playing your webinar through the night to stay the illusion of live webinars realistic.
    • Interactive live chat: Speak to measure attendees in real time
    • Time zone auto-detection: Automatically sets your webinar plays to different time zones so you simply need to schedule things once.
    • Free training: In-depth resources on creating webinars


    Perfect for little organizations, startups, and academic institutes, AnyMeeting offers essential tools to host your webinar along side a user-friendly and intuitive interface. it's powered with amazing features, like HD video broadcasting, screen sharing, MP4 sharing, in-built surveys, automatic webinar recording, then forth.

    AnyMeeting offers varied pricing packages that allow you to host up to 1,000 attendees. you furthermore may get a 30-day free trial to check out the webinar software platform and check whether it aligns together with your preference.

    Along with the Webinar hosting options, AnyMeeting also provides web conferencing tools that allow you to conduct collaborative sessions together with your fellow team members, prospects, to clients.
    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Up to six live speakers and up to 1,000 participants, Follows-up together with your attendees via emails, Intuitive and user-friendly interface,Provide options for real-time audience chat.
    • Offers in-built Q&A sessions, live-chat, polls, surveys to interact your audience
    • A free 30-day trial at the beginning , in order that you create sure that the environment suits you, Offers robust analytics and built-in reporting
    • The basic plan called Webinar Lite is $48 per month for 50 viewers; Webinar Pro that permits up to 200 viewers is $128 per month and $298 per month for the Webinar Enterprise plan that permits up to 1,000 people.
    • CONS 1: Some would say it's a touch overpriced, but the worth it brings to the table makes it worthwhile. 
    • CONS 2: doesn't allow broadcasting from mobile devices

    20. Zoho Webinars

    The Zoho brand is understood for a good range of affordable and straightforward products.

    Zoho Webinars is a component of the Zoho Meetings software, and it provides smaller companies a less expensive thanks to have webinars.

    Not only that, but it’s definitely the cleanest, latest interface on our list of best webinar software.

    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • The pricing is affordable for all plans.
    • It includes feedback tools like polling and Q&As.
    • Webcam sharing is out there .
    • You receive analytics for tracking participants.
    • The customizable registration forms are often embedded and include automated emails.
    • Zoho Webinars lacks support for an outsized groups of participants.
    • The analytics aren’t as advanced because the competition.
    • In order to realize access to webinar tools, you want to pay $15 per host per month. This gets you support for 25 participants and storage for 25 recordings.
    • The other plans include a $23/host/month rate and a $31/host/month rate.
    • At $31 per host per month, you'll hold webinars for up to 100 participants. There’s also a Free Pan for up to 5 participants.

    21. Cisco Webex

    Cisco Webex is one among the more popular online meeting and event hosting tools. With Webex you get specific tools for exactly what you would like to try to to . choose from hosting events for as many as 3,000 people, meetings for up to 40,000 people, or training (including testing and grading) for up to 1,000. you'll share your screen with participants. Control who accesses the webinar by fixing a private meeting room. The Webex webinar tool also includes technical support.
    Best webinar Software Platforms

    22. Skype Group Calls

    Your company or organization may already by using Skype for IMs or phone calls, so making use of it for webinars could add up . during a Skype group call, you'll include up to 25 people in your webinar. Up to nine people can participate during a group video call. With the Skype Meeting Broadcast feature (part of Skype for business) you'll broadcast your webinar to as many as 10,000 people directly . Another cool Skype feature that would be useful is screen sharing. you'll let your webinar participants see exactly what you're doing.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    23. ClickFunnels

    ClickFunnels is a particularly popular tool among marketers. With it, you'll easily create functioning funnels with a click of a button.

    It allows you to customize your pages, send and collect emails, then far more .

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    This training by ClickFunnels themselves is on-demand and automatic . which suggests the platform can actually support some sorts of webinars, after all.

    That being said, you'll also embed a YouTube video inside a ClickFunnels page, and you’d have a functioning live webinar.

    This is a viable option if you’re already a ClickFunnels subscriber, but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the software just to use as a webinar tool.


    • Can create complete funnels with a click of a button (even advanced), Advanced page-builder, plenty of templates to settle on from, Can create membership sites, Integrates with all major email service providers and payment systems, are often used as an affiliate-management system.
    • ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. When that's over, you've got two different plans to settle on from.
    • The main difference lies within the number of funnels and pages you'll create with each plan. 
    • Standard Plan: $97 per month (only 20 funnels and 100 pages max)
    • Platinum Plan: $297 per month (unlimited funnels and pages).

    24. Crowdcast

    If social media and webinar software married and that they had a toddler , that child would be Crowdcast.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    The app combines many features you’d normally find in webinar tools with things you’re conversant in on sites like Facebook or Twitter, like the host having to make a profile that users can ‘like’ or follow. 

    Crowdcast is certainly unlike the other platforms during this list, but the various angle from which it approaches webinars might rather be its unique point .


    • Web based, no required downloads, Great design and UI, HD streaming, usually with no delay, Advanced engagement features (interactive Q&As, chat and polls).
    • Push notifications, Advanced analytics, also can be used for live online courses and summits, Broadcast to platforms like FB and YouTube Live, Periscope, etc.
    • You can buy Crowdcast on a monthly basis or be billed yearly (which will prevent 30%).
    • There are 4 pricing plans in total: as always, the most difference is within the number of attendees you're allowed, but if more people than your plan allows show up to the webinar, Crowdcast won't crash on you. Instead, you'll be billed alittle extra fee.
    • Starter Plan: $29 per month or $20 per month (paid annually). 50+ attendees and 5 hours streaming per month
    • Lite Plan: $49 per month or $34 per month (paid annually). 100+ attendees and 10 hours streaming per month
    • Pro Plan: $89 per month or $62 per month (paid annually). 250+ attendees and 20 hours streaming per month
    • Business Plan: $195 per month or $139 per month (paid annually). 1000+ attendees and 40 hours streaming per month.

    25. WebinarIgnition

    Webinar Ignition works in a completely different way from the opposite webinar platforms during this list. 

    It’s essentially a WordPress plugin that permits you to run webinars, but it's not a standalone software intrinsically . 

    You can thus access it from your WordPress dashboard and don’t got to login to a different site to form it work.

    It’s heavily geared towards marketers and offers an excellent deal of automation options that a lot of of the opposite platforms lack. 

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    It’s greatest point , however, is its pricing. Unlike several other software, it offers a one-time payment structure, which for a few are often a true deal-breaker.


    • Fully customisable pages (Registration, Replay, Confirmation, etc.), Can create live or automated webinars, Email + SMS reminders, Live CTAs to extend sales during the presentation, Conversion and sales tracking, Integrates with live streaming options like FB and YouTube Live.
    • Webinar Ignition comes with a one-time payment structure. this is often pretty unique within the webinar platforms space. 
    • The three tiers mainly differ within the number of internet sites you'll use the plugin for, and within the incontrovertible fact that automated webinars are only available within the Enterprise and Pro plans.
    • Basic Plan: $97 (one time fee): use on one site
    • Pro Plan: $197 (one time fee): use on 3 personal sites. Offers automated webinars
    • Enterprise Plan: $297 (one time fee): use on unlimited personal sites. Offers automated webinars.

    26. Kajabi

    At its heart, Kajabi is a web course creation platform. It’s one among the simplest of the bunch and lots of prefer it to competitors like Teachable or Thinkific.

    Not many of us know this, but Kajabi features a specific feature called “Events” with which you'll run full-blown webinars as you normally would with the other software during this list.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    Of course, Kajabi’s webinar tool isn’t as feature-heavy (as you’d expect), but if utilized in conjunction with an existing Kajabi online course, it are often a very powerful asset (you can even host virtual events, although i would not use it for my very own summits personally).


    • Supports live events, multi-day virtual summits or pre-recorded webinars, Native webinar functionality 
    • Pipelines + Events automate the entire funnel creation process
    • Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial. then , you'll got to choose an idea for his or her whole course-creation package. this suggests you won’t be ready to use their webinar feature ‘standalone’. Still, it's available altogether their plans. Billing is monthly or yearly.
    • Basic: $149 per month or $119 per month (when billed pay annually)
    • Growth: $199 per month or $159 per month (when billed pay annually)
    • Pro: $399 per month or $319 per month (when billed pay annually)

    Best Free webinar Software Platforms For You in 2020

    If you’re tight on budget, there are pretty good options out there with which you'll create a functioning webinar without having to get dedicated software.

    Companies like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all offer live-streaming options, a number of which are literally pretty good alternatives (YouTube).

    However, always confine mind that the majority of those platforms weren't specifically built to host webinars, so some features you’d get on an honest webinar platform will often be missing.

    That being said, let’s have a better check out the simplest free webinar software platforms out there:

    27. YouTube Live

    YouTube Live is totally free, and allows you to stream live video right to the location .

    In order to run a live stream, you'll need a YouTube channel and use Chrome as a browser. 

    With YouTube growing in popularity by the day, your video has the potential to succeed in thousands when live, and even more people once it’s recorded.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    What’s more interesting is that YouTube is very scalable. It can handle more people than almost any webinar software. 

    That would neve be possible with ‘normal’ webinar software (or would be insanely expensive).
    Just like other platforms like Facebook, though, YouTube isn't webinar software.

    That means that you simply can certainly share your content within the sort of a webinar, but you'll need to do without many quirks that make webinar platforms an excellent option.


    • Can stream directly from YouTube itself (not as flexible) or use an encoder like vMix, Ecamm Live, Wirecast or StreamLabs (very flexible).
    • YouTube Live is 100% free (but any 3rd party encoder software will obviously cost slightly of money , if you'd wish to up the quality and flexibility… i exploit vMix to stream live to YouTube for example).

    28. Facebook Live

    You all know Facebook. And if you’ve been following recent developments, you’ll know that Facebook just about killed its organic reach a few years ago.

    Having your audience see your posts and content is harder now than it’s ever been.

    The answer? Facebook Ads and Facebook Live

    We won’t enter the primary one, as we'll soon have far more detailed articles about it.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    So let’s mention Facebook Live. Facebook has told its users it favors live streaming far more than written posts, and increases their reach far more than it might a daily post.

    Everyone is trying to “break the Facebook Live” code lately . And rightly so: it are often a really powerful tool indeed. 

    But is it good for running a webinar? it's , and it isn’t at an equivalent time.

    One the one hand, you don’t need additional software (you almost certainly already use Facebook in some shape or form). Plus, you've got ‘engagement features’ built-in, within the sort of comments, shares and likes. 

    But Facebook Live, like a number of the tools we’ve seen during this list, wasn’t built for webinars.

    It lacks all the bells and whistles that make an honest webinar tool well worth the money. Email automation, marketing capabilities… you get none of that with Facebook.


    • Ease of use, Built into the world’s biggest social network, Stream is automatically ‘promoted’ by Facebook itself, Built-in engagement features (comments, likes, etc.)
    • Facebook Live is completely free and is included in your Facebook App (desktop and mobile)

    29. Instagram Live

    Instagram Live concludes our brief list of free webinar Software Platforms.

    As with Facebook, Instagram is especially a social network that has implemented live video to spice up engagement for its users.

    Running a free webinar on Instagram Live is technically possible. you're still broadcasting live to an audience you’ve previously built, but the entire event happens on Instagram itself. 

    Just like Facebook and YouTube, Instagram will presumably showcase the video for you and ‘promote’ it to your audience, but that’s mostly about it when it involves belongings you can do.

    Best webinar Software Platforms


    • Live video streamingm, Select comments are often pinned to top of video, Video replay are often saved to Instagram Stories, High engagement through comments and ‘likes’.
    • Instagram Live is Totally free.

    What Are Fantastic Webinar Benefits?

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    Webinars are a strong tool in any business arsenal – and hosting your own event may be a smart business development strategy. If you’re brooding about best practices for attracting new clients and growing your business here are 9 benefits for hosting your own webinar.

    1. Hosting webinars develops authority and trust

    Hosting a webinar allows your business to showcase its expertise,abilities, industry knowledge, skills, products and services. Your webinar also benefits from the human element – allowing you to place a true face to your business, helping your audience to interact with and even become emotionally invested in your business.

    2. Webinars create business relationships

    The advantage of chatting with a gaggle of potential prospects through a webinar is it allows your prospects to urge to understand you on a way deeper level than what could possibly get accomplished during a 30 second commercial at a networking event. in any case , people don’t do business with companies. People do business with people. during a webinar you've got the time to permit your attendees to urge to understand you as an individual , such as you and trust you from the insights and content you share.

    3. Webinars are often re-purposed

    Once you’ve presented your webinar, you'll repurpose your script to supply extra value to those that couldn’t attend. By converting your presentation into an eBook or blog post series, you'll create a permanent enjoy hosting the webinar – allowing you to share your webinar content during a fresh and interesting new way.

    4. Holding webinars raise brand awareness

    Webinars allow you to easily promote your business – especially once you're delivering high quality content during the webinar and not simply using it as a sales pitch presentation. With virtually no additional overhead to think about , the business promotion afforded by hosting a webinar is additionally incredibly cost-effective. you'll skyrocket your business exposure and reach for no or little or no financial outlay.

    5. Webinars are often another revenue stream

    If your business features a large audience, it are often simple and effective to set-up a paid webinar event. As long as your webinar is packed filled with genuine value for your customers, parting with a couple of dollars to attend your webinar is totally reasonable. 
    6. Interactive webinars assist you understand your audience 
    Through your interactive question and answer segment webinars allow your business to urge to understand your audience , their needs and their greatest challenges. In doing so, you'll develop a true understanding of what motivates your audience, allowing you to tailor your products, services and advice to match.

    7. Webinars are often recorded

    In repurposing your content, you furthermore may allow your audience to relive your content – and video recordings of the event help your audience to research and understand your content as thoroughly as possible. Unlike traditional conferences, it’s extremely easy (and cost-effective) to record your entire webinar – and your audience will many thanks for it!

    8. Webinars make your list and generates qualified leads

    Sign-up forms for your webinar allow you to gather lead information – from email addresses to job titles. better of all, the knowledge and education you provide in your webinar serves to qualify your audience, informing them about your products, services and expertise – and creating the right sales lead within the process.

     These webinar benefits reflect the facility of hosting your own online webinar – allowing you to spice up your revenue, minimize your costs and develop lucrative relationships with clients, customers and industry-leaders.

    9 Pro Tips & Strategies for Hosting a Successful WEBINAR PLATFORMS

    Webinars are increasing in popularity, and 70% of marketer company use webinars as a content marketing tool.

    If you’re looking to get high-quality leads, enhance brand awareness, and increase understanding of your products and services by 74%, webinars are an excellent option. Webinars also are cost-effective alternatives to in-person events, and that they and assist you build stronger relationships with current and potential customers.

    1. Pick a reputable webinar platform

    First of all, it’s important to settle on a webinar hosting platform you'll trust.

    Reputable webinar platforms make it easy for people to register for your webinar, and that they support multiple ways for people to hitch . for instance , some people may watch your webinar from their computers, while others might want to hitch from their phones or smartphone apps.

    In addition, some webinar platforms are crammed with annoying advertisements and have a maximum number of attendees.

    These are all things to think about when choosing a webinar platform that works for you.

    At WebFX, we use GoToWebinar to assist us manage registration, send reminder emails, and deliver top-notch webinars. Other webinar hosting platforms include Adobe Connect, GOTOWEBINAR, CLICKMEETING and AnyMeeting.

    2. Choose the proper day and time

    It’s also important to host your webinar on each day and time that permits for the utmost number of attendees.

    The best time for your business depends on your target demographic, but a recent WhatCounts poll suggests that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the only days for hosting webinars since Mondays and Fridays are typically crammed with catch-up and last-minute tasks.

    You can also use Google Analytics to work out which regions of the planet most of your traffic comes from and choose a time that works best for those time zones. for instance , if most of your website traffic comes from the united kingdom , you won’t want to host your webinar when it’s the center of the night there.

    Remember, you'll always experiment with hosting your webinar on different days and times and compare attendance rates to seek out out what works best for you.

    3. Use the proper equipment

    The equipment you employ can make or break your webinar.

    Instead of counting on the built-in microphones on your laptop or personal computer , use headset microphones or landline phone to make sure that the audience can clearly hear your presentation.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    It’s also an honest idea to possess a backup computer and spare batteries for your equipment just just in case you experience technical difficulties. you ought to also print out extra copies of your slides so you won’t miss a beat if you encounter a glitch.

    Using the proper equipment will boost the standard of your webinar and make sure that participants have an excellent experience.

    4. Promote the webinar beforehand 

    In order to maximise your webinar’s attendance, you would like to market the event beforehand .

    Start by creating an enticing landing page that introduces the webinar topic and speakers, highlights the date and time, and includes a transparent call-to-action for people to check in to attend.

    You can also promote the webinar on your social media accounts and make a catchy hashtag which will encourage people to interact online. you'll even post short a brief video to offer attendees an indoor check out what they will expect on the day of the webinar or create a blog post that previews your webinar topic.

    Finally, you'll want to send several email reminders, and on the day of the webinar, you'll send an email that has an immediate link to the event.

    5. Choose a subject that interests your audience

    If you select a subject that doesn’t interest your audience, it’s getting to be really hard to urge people excited about your webinar, including get them to attend.

    When choosing a subject , it’s important to hone in on a selected concept will resonate together with your audience. If your idea is broad, narrow it down and canopy one part in great detail. An in-depth webinar on a selected topic is far more useful than a general presentation on a broad one.

    Whether you’re educating them a couple of product, service, or important trend in your industry, you'd wish to supply value to attendees by clearly communicating your message and giving them actionable tips and advice.

    It’s also important to form sure that your presentation is visually appealing. Using many images and introducing one topic per slide will help to stay your audience alert and curious about your presentation.

    6. Engage your audience

    While you would possibly be focused on your script, don’t forget to interact together with your audience during your webinar.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    Your audience can give valuable feedback, so make certain to ask them questions and initiate interaction every 4-5 slides. you ought to also leave many time at the top of your presentation to answer their questions. for instance , if your webinar is 45 minutes long, you'll add another 45 at the top for questions.

    Some webinar platforms even have polling features, which you'll incorporate into your presentation.

    7. Practice and practice only practice

    Practice your webinar several times to make sure that everything pops without a hitch the day you go live.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    Rehearse your presentation several days before the event to make sure that each one of your equipment is functioning properly, and shut out any unnecessary applications which will hamper your computer.

    This will assist you identify and eliminate any potential issues, and can build your confidence in your ability to deliver a stellar webinar.

    8. Follow up with attendees

    After the webinar, follow up with event attendees and send a Specific email thanking them for joining you. you'll also ask them to supply feedback and rate their experience.

    In addition, make certain to send a recording to people that registered but were unable to attend the webinar.

    You can also offer freebies or webinar highlights that encourage people to require subsequent step together with your company or attend a future webinar.

    9. Evaluate your efforts

    Congratulations, you only hosted a webinar!

    Now, step back and evaluate the event.

    Best webinar Software Platforms

    Using in-platform metrics, you'll analyze registration and webinar performance. additionally , you'll meet with speakers and team members to debate what went well, also as areas you'll improve.

    You can also incorporate audience feedback and make tweaks to your webinar process to form your next webinar a good greater success.

    Summary: Which Of The Best Webinar Software Tools For You

    There you've got it. My top recommendations and full reviews of the simplest webinar software out there when it involves running professional and profitable webinars.

    If you are looking for my absolute top choice and what i exploit myself for hosting successful webinars, I highly recommend you start with a 14-day trial of WebinarJam for $1 (they just released WebinarJam 4.0 and it's amazing). 

    If you are looking for a webinar software for recorded or evergreen webinars, i might recommend that you simply start with a 14-day trial of EverWebinar for $1.

    Now I'd wish to hear from you….

    What’s your experience with hosting webinars? have you ever ever run one or are you an experienced marketer that uses them extensively?

    And which webinar software does one decide to use in your online business?

    Have you tried some tool that's not during this list and need to recommend it? Had a nasty experience and need to report it?

    Let me know within the comments below and I’ll make certain to urge back to you!

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